The History of Tat Jing’s Professionalism and Expertise

First started in the late 1970s, Tat Jing has accumulated almost five decades of experience in stone-working. Since then, Tat Jing’s craftsmen have always prided themselves for their skills and professionalism in delivering what their customers – like you – want.

Having humble beginnings in Singapore, Tat Jing has since expanded, and built strong ties with suppliers from around the region. Most recently, Tat Jing entered a close partnership with Absolute, a silestone, caesarstone, quartz, granite and marble importer and wholesaler. With its strong industry ties, Tat Jing promises the best countertop and other stone-crafting solutions to you.

As your one-stop solution to bring the best out of your home, Tat Jing promises professionalism and expertise. Indeed, most of Tat Jing’s craftsmen has been in the industry for decades, promising only the best in their services to you.

Services provided

Tat Jing provides end-to-end services for your home furnishing needs, focusing on delivering silestone, caesarstone, granite, marble and quartz artisan products to you. We focus on the following:

  1. Blueprinting designs
  2. Manufacturing of designs
  3. Installation of completed product
  4. Polishing – Chemical polish for granite, marble and quartz, on all surfaces, including floors and walls